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Our range of products fuse unparalleled design with outstanding functionality to create the perfect combination for your home. Experience enhanced warmth and energy efficiency, all in one package!

Top Seller 2023

Our 2023 top seller is an unbeatable facade system – strong, beautiful and sure to satisfy!

Achieving success is no longer a matter of guesswork – with proven methods and tested strategies compiled over years, bolstered by the latest tech advancements, the path to triumph is laid out in clear detail.

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Our success depends on our end consumer – they are the cornerstone of everything we do.

Choose the most suitable facade system

Our company works hand-in-hand with trusted partners to create the perfect façade for our clients. We have a variety of facade systems available, each offering an abundance of choices that range from functionality to aesthetic appeal. Assembled together into a completed work, we are proud and confident in the end product’s quality!

LöweGreift Pro THERM

An advanced external wall insulation system, with enhanced crack and impact resistance for long-term durability.

LöweGreift Pro THERM +

Our advanced external wall insulation system combines a strong and highly isolative styrofoam to guarantee superior home protection.

LöweGreift Wool THERM

Find the perfect insulation solution for your building, with increased fire protection and a wide range of materials.