Facade System LöweGreift Pro Therm Plus

Our insulation system is designed to withstand even the toughest external conditions, providing utmost protection against impact and cracking.

LoweGreift PRO THERM is the perfect insulation and finishing system that increases energy efficiency while providing excellent aesthetics. It gives you maximum protection against heat loss and noise, saving your energy bills in the process!

This innovative system includes key components such as a dry glue mixture for gluing polystyrene plates and a dry adhesive mixture for a reinforcing layer. Combined, these components create an impervious barrier which safely shields buildings from outside elements such as wind, rain, snow and cold temperatures; this results in optimum insulation without sacrificing attractiveness. We also include Wkret-met dowels for easy installation and a reinforcing fiberglass mesh to add extra support. Finally, LoweGreift Grunt primer creates a strong bonding surface for Fastech Acrylic Plaster or Silicone Plaster mass to be applied directly on top – both of which are available in exciting grain sizes (1.5mm – 2.5mm) and impressive textures (“ram”/”bark beetle”).

So why choose LoweGreift PRO THERM? Our insulation and finishing system provides unbeatable thermal resistance with minimal time spent on installation – with product-specific design options like wall attachment ensure fastening that works together easily in any climate! Even better – it comes with guaranteed longevity: subject to normal use our products come with up to 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. It’s the perfect choice for builders looking to maximize returns while minimizing time spent on outdoor projects!

Best Seller

In 2023, a bestseller emerged triumphant from the competition.

Fast Delivery

Get your orders delivered in a speedy manner – guaranteed!

Many Decor Options

Transform the facade of your building with a vast array of decor options!

Very Durable

Crafted for endurance, this facade is designed to last through the toughest of conditions.

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