Facade System LöweGreift Wool Therm

Our external wall insulation system provides fire safety with optimized protection and a vast array of materials to choose from. Experience the assurance that comes from top-quality security along with design flexibility.

Introducing LoweGreift Wool THERM, the revolutionary system that helps you keep your home efficiently insulated. For years, insulation meant uncomfortable hardware, harsh chemical agents and tedious labor. Now, with LoweGreift Wool THERM system that’s all changed!

This amazing product is the go-to choice for any homeowner looking for a complete insulation solution. Not only does it effectively keep the cold out during winter months, but you can also rest assured it will protect from heat loss in hot summer days too!

The hi-tech system includes a dry glue mixture for gluing polystyrene plates together, along with reinforced fiberglass mesh and various primers – ideal for creating a reinforcement layer of protection. For a perfect finish we offer dowels for mechanical fastening and several textured acrylic and silicone plaster masses to choose from. And for no worries attaching our 1.5 mm – 2.5 mm grain size films will guarantee top quality insulation backed by an innovative patented wrapping technology!

Let LoweGreift Wool THERM revolutionize your home’s insulation performance today – experience the comfort you deserve!

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