Invest in protection with our storm resistent Facade System

Keeping your building looking pristine is often a difficult task. Algae and fungi can grow on the walls and external surfaces of the building, diminishing its appearance. However, with the right facade system in place, you can protect against microorganisms while maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Let’s explore what makes our highly resistant facade system so effective.

What Makes Our Facade System Highly Resistant?
Our facade system utilizes advanced protection measures to prevent the growth of algae and fungi. It does this by creating an invisible protective film that acts as a barrier for moisture, dirt, and pollutants from entering the building’s surface. This film also has anti-fungal properties which make it difficult for microorganisms to adhere to the walls or other surfaces. The fact that it remains invisible means that this protection won’t detract from your building’s aesthetic appeal.
Another benefit of our facade system is its durability in all weather conditions. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy rain, our protective film doesn’t break down or deteriorate quickly over time. This means that you can maintain a clean look for longer without having to constantly monitor and replace parts of your facade system due to wear-and-tear caused by weather damage or microorganism growth.

Our Facade System’s Effectiveness Against Other Pollutants
In addition to protecting against microorganisms like algae and fungi, our facade system is also highly effective against other pollutants such as smog particles, dust particles, acid rain, and UV radiation. These pollutants can cause damage to buildings over time if not properly protected against; however, when equipped with our highly resistant facade system your building will be better protected against these pollutants as well as microorganisms like algae and fungi!

Keeping your building looking pristine requires more than just regular cleaning—it requires proper protection from harmful microorganisms as well as other types of pollution. Our highly resistant facade system offers advanced protection measures including an invisible protective film with anti-fungal properties that prevents algae and fungi from adhering to surfaces while remaining aesthetically pleasing at the same time! It also provides long-term durability in all weather conditions so you don’t have to constantly monitor or replace parts due to wear-and-tear caused by weather damage or microorganism growth. With our highly resistant facade system in place, you can rest assured that your building will remain clean and healthy for years to come!

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